Welcome to the aviary!

im new to coding and html please bear with me! this site will be under construction for a while!

This is going to be a site for a worldbuilding project. eventually an open species as well. however i am,,, quite perfectionisitc and therefore always have stuff to work on untill i feel im ready to update.

im also an artist however im still figuring everything out so no images yet.

planned icon, i havent made a small version yet.

im currently taking code academy lessons, i hope to eventally make a cool site. and another site in the future once im more skilled. this site though...

to do list for construction:

some art of my own :]! because im taking time to just draw again! learning takes a while haha. they are rp ocs but Concet is going to be a main character later!

old broken site carrd :P